About Us

Jesse James & Company was founded in 1986. The company began by selling components to leading manufacturers and fashion designers. These clients included Jones New York, Botany 500, Danskin, Izod, etc. Jesse James & Company expanded into the craft industry in 1992, and quickly became a worldwide leader in embellishments.

At that time, there were not many options of 3-D embellishments for the crafter to choose from. Acrylic stones dominated the embellishment aisle of the craft store. Jesse James took one item from their product line – buttons, and changed the face of the craft industry. No longer did one project contain the same embellishment stone as the next project. Now, a crafter could personalize and add that special touch to their project by choosing a theme embellishment that matched their personality. There were countless choices … dog bones, ladybugs, ballet slippers, birthday cakes, baseballs, footballs, flowers, seashells, cowboy boots, baby bottles, fishing rods, balloons, flowers, planes, trains, automobiles, dogs, cats and more. More than two decades later, you name it – there is a Dress It Up embellishment for it!