Ariel Door Plaque

DIU Disney Little Mermaid Door Decor
  • Skill Level Intermediate
  • Estimated Time 1.5 hours (not including drying time)


  • Disney Dress It Up buttons The Little Mermaid
  • Dress It Up buttons Bubbles, Tiny Seashells
  • Wood disks and balls in different sizes
  • Small wood plaque
  • Hot glue gun and sticks
  • Circles of different sizes to trace around. For example a milk bottle top.
  • Green ribbon and embroidery floss
  • Pencil, scissors, paintbrushes and nail clippers or wire snips
  • Pearl paint in white
  • Paint in the following colors:
    • Ocean water colors
    • Light blue
    • Medium blue
    • Dark blue
    • White
    • Purple (This is for lettering so you may choose whatever color you want. A paint pen or sharpie can also work)


  • Paint the wood balls, and disks light blue. Let dry.

  • Paint the inside of the plaque medium blue and the edge dark blue. Swirl together where they meet to make a blended/watery effect.

  • Paint the outer edge of the plaque gold.

  • Trace circles of different sizes on your wood disks and plaques.

  • Paint in the circles with a mix of white and pearl paint. Let dry.

  • Paint the wood disks and balls with a coat of pearl paint. Let dry.

  • Add your text to the wood disks. Let dry.

  • Glue the wood balls and disks to the plaque. Layer them on top of each other so they look like bubbles.

  • Add strands of ribbon and floss for seaweed.

  • Snip the shanks off the buttons and glue to the plaque or wood shapes.