Beaded Flower Tote

JJB Beaded Flower Tote
JJB Beaded Flower Tote


• Jesse James Beads “Design Elements” packs (whatever your favorite colors are!)
• Canvas tote
• Fashion bottom weight fabric
• Satin ribbon 1.5” width
• Scissors
• Needle & thread
• Hot glue gun
• Wire cutters
• Candle
• Cutting board
• Round cutter
• Ruler
• Sewing machine


  • Cut your fashion bottom weight fabric on cutting board using ruler and round cutter to get straight lines.  Cut two different sizes – 2 inches by 15 inches and 1.5 inches by 15 inches.  When cutting, remember to allow enough space for the seam.

  • Now sew stripes together in two’s, then press under edges and sew onto tote..

  • You should now have a stripe effect with your fabric.  You will now take your needle and thread and hand sew small glass within seams of stripes for that little extra sparkle.

  • Fabric flower time!  To make the flowers there are two layers of petals for each flower.   For the bigger flower cut 10, 2-inch pieces of ribbon.  Now take those 10 pieces of ribbon and cut them in petal shape provided at bottom.  Take each petal over candle and burn edge so it does not fray and start’s to curl like a natural petal would.  Do this to all petals. For second layer of petal cut 7, 1.5 inch pieces of ribbon and repeat what you did with first layer.

  • Once all petals have been singed you will now hand sew the petals together.  Take the first layer petals and with your needle and thread, thread needle through bottom petal about quarter from bottom.  Only thread through once, in and out.  Continue to thread all petals on thread, and then take ends of thread and tie in knot a couple of times.  Make sure knot is not too tight you will want to get wire through the center later. Repeat with second layer.  You should now have two petal circles!

  • Cut 5-inch wire and place any bead in center.  Bend wire in half and twist to make sure bead does not shift.  Do this for as many beads as you would like to have in the center of your flower.  Once you have all your wire twisted individually take them all together and twist them together.

  • Thread your beaded wire center through smaller layer of petals.  Hold flower by wire “stem” and glue back of flower and wire together.  Then thread bigger layer on top and glue again.  You should now have beautiful satin flowers.

  • To make small flower on top right simply take your fabric/ribbon and cut out 5 circles about 2 inches in diameter.  Once all are cut out, take each individual circle and bend in half.  Using your needle and thread, start at the edge and sew back and forth along the opening edge.  When you are through the whole circle gather all material, the circle should now look like one petal.  Continue threading other circles on.  Pull tight at end so you have a circle of petals.  Sew through back couple of times to make sure it stays together.  Knot and cut extra thread.

  • Glue all flowers onto tote and enjoy!