Cars Initial

DIU Disney Cars D
  • Skill Level Medium
  • Estimated Time 1 hour (not including drying time)


  • Large wood or cardboard letter
  • Disney Dress It Up pack Cars (x2)
  • Wood rectangle (for road sign)
  • Wood match sticks
  • Pencil and Paintbrushes
  • Hot glue gun and sticks
  • Nail clippers or wire snips
  • Paint in the following colors:
    • Light blue- sky
    • Grey-road
    • Pale yellow- sand
    • Brown –signs and posts
    • Dark orange- hills
    • White- road
    • Bright green- cactus


  • Draw out the shapes of your road and hills.

  • Paint in the shapes of the sky, sand, road, and hills. Let dry. If you would like a lighter shade of orange between the sand and the hills simply mix equal parts of your dark orange and pale yellow together.

  • Glue 2 match sticks to one side of your wood rectangle for posts.

  • Paint the sign brown. Rub off some of the paint to make it look old.

  • Paint 2 more match sticks. Stick one end thru the shank on the back of each Route 66 sign. Glue in place. Trim if needed.

  • Paint your cactus and your stripes on the road. Let dry.

  • Print out a billboard sign of your choice and glue to your wood rectangle. Be as creative as you want!

  • Glue your Route 66 signs and billboard to your letter.

  • Snip the backs off the rest of the buttons and glue to your letter.