Embroidery Hoop Door Design

  • Difficulty Level Intermediate
  • Estimated Time 2 hours (depending upon sewing skill)


  • Dress It Up button packs: Kitten Kaboodle (#6971  787117552713)
  • Dress It Up button packs: Puppy Parade (#4674  787117529746)
  • Dress It Up button packs: Sew Cute Paws (#7679  787117559798)
  • 2 small embroidery hoops about 5 to 6 inches.
  • Felt stick on letters. Make sure they will fit across your hoop.
  • Light pink and dark pink felt
  • Scissors
  • Optional- pinking scissors for a fun edge on the felt
  • Cotton fabric square in your choice of pattern
  • Pink ribbon
  • Embroidery floss in pink and white
  • Sewing needle
  • Hot glue gun and sticks
  • Pencil and scrap paper
  • Nail clippers or wire snips
  • Optional – spray paint for the hoops


  • If you want to paint the hoops take them apart and let dry before starting step two.

  • Cut out and stretch your cotton fabric inside the two embroidery hoops. Trim off the extra. Glue in back.

  • Glue stripes of ribbon on to one hoop.

  • Cut out a stripe of felt and glue on the same hoop.

  • Draw out a large and small heart on your scrap paper. Make sure your letters will fit. Cut them out.

  • Trace your large heart on one color pink and the small heart on the other. Cut out.

  • Glue your small heart in the center of the large heart. Glue only the middle of the large heart on to the center of the fabric on the other hoop.

  • Use the white embroidery floss to stitch around the edge of the large heart.

  • Make some balls out of the pink floss. Stitch around the heart however you want.

  • Attach your letters to the two hoops

  • Snip off any button backs and glue them on.