Fairy Tale Monogram

  • Skill Level Beginner
  • Estimated Time 1.5 hours


  • Dress It Up button packs: Mythical & Magical (#4673  787117529739)
  • Dress It Up button packs: Gnomes (#7696  787117559965)
  • Dress It Up button packs: Morning Mist (#8371  787117566710)
  • Wood plaque
  • Flat wood letter
  • Decorative wood or paper shapes
  • Decorative paper. At least 2 styles (Maker’s choice)
  • Floral moss.
  • Gold and silver paint
  • Hot glue gun and sticks
  • Scissors, pencil, paintbrushes
  • Nail clippers or wire snips


  • Paint your letter, plaque, and decorative shapes in gold and silver.

  • Draw and cut out your choice of shape out of one of your sheets of paper. The example used the shape of the plaque. Glue to the back of the plaque

  • Draw and cut out another shape out of your decorative paper. Make sure it is smaller then your first shape. The example used the shape of the wood plaque. Glue to the paper on the plaque.

  • Glue your moss to the center of your painted wood letter. Glue the letter on to the center of the plaque and paper.

  • Glue your painted decorative shapes on to the plaque and letter.

  • Snip the backs off any buttons

  • Glue the buttons on.