Goofy’s Goof Jar

DIU Disney Goofy’s Goof Jar
  • Skill Level Easy
  • Estimated Time 30 minutes 0 45 minutes (depending on number of goof messages)


  • Disney Dress It Up button packs: Goofy
  • Glass jar with lid
  • Foam sheets in blue, red, and bright green
  • Optional- orange felt stick on numbers for the top of the jar
  • Washi Tape to decorate the edge of the lid
  • Pencil, scissors, black sharpie
  • Hot glue gun and sticks
  • Nail clippers or wire snips


  • Cut out 4 large foam squares and glue to each side of the jar.

  • Write out your goof messages on the foam with your sharpie. Make a shape around each with your pencil and cut out.

  • Glue your messages to all 4 sides of the jar on top of the red foam.

  • If you are using felt numbers, stick them on to the lid. You can also use foam if you wish.

  • Apply a strip of Washi Tape to the edge of your lid.

  • Cut the backs off the Goofy buttons using the nail clippers/wire snips. Glue them to the jar.