Little Cowboy Initial

  • Skill Level Beginner
  • Estimated Time 1.5 hours


  • Dress It Up button packs: Howdy Partner (#5804  787117541045)
  • Dress It Up button packs: Saddle Up (#4245  787117525458)
  • Large letter
  • Pencil, scissors, X-Acto knife, paintbrushes
  • Nail clippers or wire snips
  • Small letters (Maker’s choice; be sure they will fit on your large letter.)
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Paper for the sky (Maker’s choice of pattern.)
  • Brown felt. The sticky back kind works best.
  • Small piece of burlap or another type of tan fabric
  • Hot glue gun and sticks
  • Paint in an olive green and sandy yellow color.


  • Trace around the top of your letter on to the sky paper. Cut out the shape.

  • Paint the bottom of your letter sandy yellow color.

  • Draw out some mountain shapes on your felt. Cut out.

  • Cut a popsicle stick in half. Cut the round ends off another stick, leave a little extra room before each end. Cut the remaining straight stick in half.

  • Glue the two short straight sticks horizontally to the back of the half popsicle.

  • Glue the two rounded short stick ends to the ends of the short sticks. Make sure they cover the short sticks/are in front of them. The round ends of all three sticks should be vertical.

  • Paint your popsicle cactus green, and two more popsicle sticks as well.

  • Glue your sky on to your letter.

  • Glue your felt shapes and scrap of tan fabric on to the letter.

  • Trim and glue your 2 green sticks where the felt meets the painted area on your letter. Glue on the cactus above the sticks.

  • Use your X-Acto knife for any detail trimming you may need to do.

  • Glue on your letters.

  • Snip the ends off any buttons and glue onto your initial