Make a Paracord Bracelet

  • Difficulty Level: Beginner
  • Kid Friendly: 10-Adult
  • Estimated Time: 30 minutes
  • Project Type: Jewelry
  • Tags: Art, Arts and Crafts, Kids, Paracord
  • Additional Notes: A lighter is used to finish the ends of the cord. Adult supervision strongly suggested.


Dress It Up Buttons (“Something Fishy” shown in directions)
Paracord (any colors you desire)
EZzzy-Jig (optional)
ruler/measuring tape


  • jjb-paracord-1Start by cutting two 6′ strands of paracord. You can use two different colors, or the same color if you’d like.

    Take your first paracord strand and loop it with one side being about 18″ long.

    With your second paracord strand, tie a knot around the loop, leaving one side to be about 18″ on the same side as the 18″ end of your first paracord strand.

  • jjb-paracord-2Take the two 18″ strands and put them in the center, separating the two longer pieces to each side.

  • jjb-paracord-3Take one long strand and wrap it around the two middle strands from the back to the front, putting the end of the long strand through the loop it makes. do the same for the second long strand.

  • jjb-paracord-4Tighten loops while sliding them to the top and continue pattern until you are ready to put on your first button.

    To add a button, take one strand from the center of your bracelet and thread it through the shank (or loop) on the back of the button. Slide the button up as far as it will go and continue your pattern around it. You can use as many or as few buttons as you would like, but to use a whole pack (about 5 buttons), I suggest putting a button on the bracelet every 6 loops of a single color. Once you put your button on the bracelet, continue the pattern, adding buttons as you go.

  • When you have reached the desired length of your bracelet, take all four strands and tie a knot about an inch from where your loops end.

    Cut the excess paracord off with your scissors and singe the edges with a lighter to stop them from fraying in the future. When the ends cool, your bracelet is ready to wear! Put the bracelet on and put the knot through the loop!