Paper Feather Bead Wreath

JJB Paper Feather Bead Wreath
JJB Paper Feather Bead WreathPaper Feather Bead Wreath Template


• Design Element, Plum Brulee (787117541960)
• Design Element, Gingersnap (787117542233)
• 3-4 cardstock, variety of colors
• Scissors
• Scorer
• Polystyrene wreath base
• Hot glue gun
• Thick ribbon
• Feather templates


  • To make the feathers, print out templates from above.  Cut out around each feather and trace.

  • Use precision scissors or a craft knife to trim the details from the designs.  Score down the center of each feather, from tip to top.

  • Use your fingers to carefully fold the feathers along the score line to give them shape.

  • Finally, trim fringes into the edges of each feather for extra dimension. Then start layering them up randomly around your wreath base, evenly spaced and at varying angels all the way around, and securing them in place with a hot glue gun.  Allow drying, and then hang on the wall with a length of thick coordinating ribbon.