Too Cute Photo Display Board

  • Skill Level Intermediate
  • Estimated Time 2 hours


  • Dress It Up button packs: Out Foxed (#8293  787117565935)
  • Dress It Up button packs: Backyard Buddies (#8311  787117566116)
  • Dress It Up button packs: Forest Flair (#8322  787117566222)
  • Large frame
  • Square of cotton fabric in your choice of colors
  • Ribbon in your choice of color
  • Scissors, pencil, paintbrushes
  • Hot glue gun and sticks
  • Paint in the following colors:
    • White
    • Light tan
    • Orange. Mix with white to make the lighter orange color stripe.
    • Brown
    • Blue
    • Light green
    • Green


  • Take out the frame back

  • Draw your stripes and hill shapes on the frame.

  • Fill in the stripes and hills with your paint. Paint the rest of the frame at this time.  Let dry

  • Stretch your fabric tightly across your frame backing. Glue in place and trim off any extra

  • Lay out your ribbon on your fabric covered frame back. And cut to the correct size. Glue the ends of the strips to the back of the frame. Make sure they are tight.

  • Put your fabric and ribbon covered backing into the frame.

  • Snip the backs off any buttons

  • Glue a button to each X of ribbon. This should secure the ribbon to the fabric in back and the button on to the board.

  • Glue the rest of your buttons to your frame