Tooth Fairy Pillow

DIU Tooth Fairy Pillow
DIU Tooth Fairy Pillow
  • Difficulty Level Beginner
  • Kid Friendly 6 - Adult
  • Estimated Time About 1 hour
  • Tags: Buttons, Fairies, Fairy, Pillow, Tooth Fairy
  • Additional Notes: No sewing necessary if you're making the pillow with a young child!


• Fabric (we used fabric with fairies on it and a pink bandana)
• Felt
• Scissors
• Pillow
• Sewing materials or fabric glue
• Measuring tape
• Dress It Up buttons “Flower Fairies” 787117 553222
• Dress It Up buttons “Hearts A Flutter” 787117 531862


  • Measure the dimensions of your pillow and add an inch to each side.  If your pillow is 10×10”, cut your fabric for the front of the pillow 12×12”.

  • Take your pillow measurements and cut the length in half, then add 2 inches.  If your pillow is 10×10”, the two pieces for the back of the pillow should be cut to 10×7”.  After hemming and sewing them, this will result in an opening in the back of the pillowcase to put the pillow in, with about a 3” overlap.

  • Draw a tooth onto your felt and cut it out.  Sew the tooth onto the fabric you will use for the front of the pillow, making sure to leave the top of the tooth open so you can use it as a pocket for lost teeth.  The Tooth Fairy will know what do to with the pocket!

  • Take the two pieces for the back of your pillow and hem one side of each, where they will overlap.

  • Once the two pieces are hemmed on the sides they will overlap, place the front fabric with the inside facing up on your work area.  Place the two pieces for the back of the pillow with their “front” facing down.  Pin them together and sew all the way around your pillowcase.

  • Turn your pillowcase inside out and put pillow inside through the overlapped opening in the back.

  • Sew or glue your Dress It Up buttons onto the pillow!

  • Put your lost teeth in the pocket and wait for the Tooth Fairy to come!